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Company FAQs

1. When was Silmec founded?

Silmec was founded in San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV) in 1969, by Dante and Luigi Pellizzari brothers, respectively uncle and father of the current Director Denis Pellizzari.

Company FAQs

2. Where does Silmec produce?

Silmec produces all its products in the Italian seat of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, with design, development and production entirely in the original plant.

Company FAQs

3. Where does Silmec sell?

Nowadays Silmec is leader in the distribution of single and multiple mailboxes in Italy, from North to South, through a wide network of selected retailers. Silmec also distributes in different European countries, such as Switzerland, England, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Cyprus, Croatia and, year after year, continues to grow in international terms.

Products FAQs

1. What RAL colors are provided for the multiple mailboxes?

For the customized mailboxes, Silmec provides the standard grey color and the RAL color, to be chosen from a wide range of colors. At the link you can find the choice of RAL colors available.

Products FAQs

2. What is Silmec's best selling product?

Silmec, among the single boxes, has always been identified with the historic S01. Besides this, there are many products that over the years have grown and give great satisfaction to Silmec: the S90, the Serenissima, the GIOIOSA. Today Silmec continues to design and to propose new products and innovations in the field of mail deposit, enlarging the product range with innovative lines and design.

Products FAQs

3. Can Silmec single and multiple mailboxes be placed outside?

Both the single and multiple mailboxes are made with top quality raw materials and designed in such a way as to ensure maximum resistance and durability when exposed to atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, the mailboxes are equipped with a plate and a cover in order to give a better protection. The “cloud” icon shown in the technical data sheets of our products gives additional information on which products do not present any problem when exposed to weathering.

Products FAQs

4.What is EN 13724 standard?

The law provides the regulation of the mailboxes’ production in terms of size. They must also be burglar-proof and safeguard the privacy and security of people.The Serenissima series, as well as the S522, S620, the line of mailboxes Serenissima, and Open Air 400 are Silmec products that are conform to the regulations.

Products FAQs

5. Product Warranty

The seller warrants the products for a period of 2 years from the date of the invoice. The warranty is applicable only if the products are properly used and correctly installed. In case of operating defects, the buyer shall report the defects to Silmec within 8 days from the finding of the defect by sending a detailed report and photographic material.

Distribution FAQs

1. Can I be a Silmec dealer?

Silmec is very pleased to expand the distribution network of its products. If you are interested in including our products in your range, write us and we will find together the best proposal for you and your customers.

Distribution FAQs

2. Does Silmec sell to the final customer?

Today, the company is on the market through a wide network of agents and distributors who provide the final customer with a service and assistance that we, as a production company, would not be able to guarantee. Through the tool of the Configurator, recently developed by Silmec for a better service to the customer, it is possible to receive offers and detailed and instant quotes on custom projects that require our assistance.

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